August 1, 2007

New York, NY

Annies ~ 1381 Third Avenue, 212.327.4853

After a long red-eye, what we needed was a good breakfast to kick start our weekend in New York! We were staying in the Upper East side and decided to just check out the local neighborhood - lucky us! We stumbled upon Annie's. Two strong coffees was the first thing to order and it was just what we needed. Nothing like hot steamy coffee that tastes great to really get you going. I am a picky hollandaise sauce eater, I know the real from the fakes. I was definitely craving the Eggs Bennie, so I had to embarrass L. and ask for the token sample - DELICIOUS! L. ordered the Eggs Florentine and I had the Traditional Eggs Benedict - our usual. Both dishes were great! The eggs were cooked perfectly, slightly runny but not overdone and not under-done. The sauce was actually made with butter and lemon juice and I might add just the right amount of lemon. It was served with fries which were not soggy but very crispy and a nice addition to the eggs. Our waiter, unfortunately, I did not get his name, was fantastic! We thought he was from NY, but, he was from Orange County, which we still find hard to believe because he was super funny!! Ask for the really funny guy from Orange! If you live in NY - they deliver as well.

I give Annie's a Big 5 fork rating!

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