June 29, 2007

San Francisco, CA

Barracuda ~ 2251 Market Street, Tel: 415.558.8547

Dined with our friends A & J at this happening new sushi spot. It use to be the spot of Tin Pan. Still is a lively little spot which is dimly light and great house music playing in the background, not to mention the hunky waiters .... so, the Castro! We started the evening with a couple bottles of warm sake and a couple orders of the crazy crab roll - the sake was warm and went down nicely with this crazy crab which was pretty darn good as well. Very fresh crab tempura, which was not overly fried and the roll finished with a bit of a garlic bite to it - unexpected but nice touch. Then we ordered the gyoza, which I normally do not like, but thy were not too large, nice bite size, again not fried but still crispy on the outside and the dipping sauce was delicious! We then moved to a couple platters of the Pink Lady which was a lobster roll - out of this world! A little spicy and the lobster was succulent! Then we moved onto a couple orders of the super spicy tuna roll, which had a nice hamachi topping with sliced jalapenos - very yummy! We finished off the platters the sizzling steak tower, which was strips of steak, cooked medium rare and served over a bed of steamed spinach with a light teriyaki sauce. Everything was really fresh from the fish to the veggies and the service was equally as great from the bartenders all the way to the bus boys! We had a great time and will definitely go back!

I give this a 5 fork or 5 chopstick rating!

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