June 1, 2007

San Mateo, CA

Aldo's Pizza ~
600 S. Norfolk

We heard about Aldo's when we went to a Portuguese Festa in South San Francisco, a couple weeks ago. We were bidding at an auction on some very good homemade chorizo as was another gentleman. Who we came to know was Manny, the owner of Aldo's. We were told that we had to check out the pizza. So, after a long week we decided to make the drive down to San Mateo for a pie! All the way down L was dreaming of Chorizo - he is Portuguese and misses the food - as I was also looking forward to having a pizza with some of the spiciness of the Chorizo with it!

Aldo's is located in a small shopping center right on the street side. Nothing fancy, small pizza place with a dozen tables and a small bar. The place was packed with families, couples and people you could tell are regulars. We were disappointed to find that there was no pizza that would be considered "Portuguese" nor any that had chorizo, so we opted for the next best thing, the
Classic Italian with Prosciutto, De Parma, Italian Sausage, Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic and Romano - we ordered a large pie as well as a Carafe of the House Burgandy. Let me just say these few words about the pizza - I only got two slices as I was yapping to much and L devoured it - it was a GREAT pie! The crust was thin and crispy, we are still talking about it. Just the right about of toppings and not too much sauce or cheese. Cooked to perfection! Actually, it was so good that we sat for awhile and thought about ordering another one! The wine, well, let me say this - there is a reason they call it House Burgandy. If you are looking for a inexpensive way to forgot your troubles then go for the House Burgandy.

I definitely recommend Aldo's for a low-key pizza dinner, skip the wine, order a pitcher of beer! I give Aldo's a 4 fork rating (only because they did not have a chorizo pizza)!

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