May 1, 2008

Boston, MA

UNI ~ 370 Commonwealth Avenue ~ (617)267.1607

I have traveled many places in the world and I have eaten Sashimi that has been pulled from the waters of Hawaii and prepared right there on the boat, the Sashimi at Uni was hands down the BEST I have ever eaten! Not only is the presentation out of this world, but the fish was incredibly fresh and sliced to perfection. The atmosphere is sleak; but, sexy, and small and intimate. A very "grown-up" place to meet for a couple cocktails and some fantastic raw fish!

We started with the Rock Shrimp Tempura, which was served with this incredible aioli sauce. The batter on the shrimp was light and cooked to perfection - no oiliness what so ever. The aioli was spicy but not overly spicy, in fact it was more smooth and left you wanting just one more bite. Next we moved onto the Chef's Choice Sashimi Sampler, which included the following:

Live Diver Scallops with yuzu juice, black truffle vinaigrette and celery. The scallops were sliced paper-thin and just the smallest bit of yuzu juice to give it a bite of sourness which was soften by the black truffles which created a nice earthy balance. Very very good!

Hamachi, which was served with a ginger mignonette and a green apple wasbi, very refreshing flavors with the green apple undertones and the spiciness of the ginger, the hamachi was so fresh that is melted in your mouth with every bite.

Wild King Salmon, which was served with ginger and black bean vinaigrette. Normally I do not care for salmon served sashimi style as it usually is over cured. This was not the case here, it was like eating butter. Smooth and creamy texture to the fish and the flavor was enhanced with the spiciness of the ginger and the vinaigrette gave it a small amount of bite. This salmon was purely incredible - a must!

Unfortunately for me and for you, this review is short. Uni was the first stop of an evening of food. We only had the chance to sample these couple dishes, but they are dishes that have completely enticed us to eat there again and soon, we hope!

I give Uni a 5 fork rating!

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