August 17, 2007

San Francisco, CA

Pescheria ~ 1708 Church Street, 415.647.3200.

Had dinner tonight with my friend, K. We had intended to go somewhere else when we stumbled upon Pescheria. We were very pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful dining room that decorated in a minimalist tone with beautiful blue and green tiles, as well it is very casual - very "neighborhood chic"! Unfortunately, we did not have a reservation (highly recommended) and could not get a table; lucky for us, there were two seats at the bar, which is simple and very cozy . We normally hit the wine list immediately but this time around, we noticed everyone was drinking cocktails so we decided to go that way. I ordered a Processco cocktail which was favored with a bit of orange bitters, very refreshing! K. ordered a limoncello cocktail - she was worried it may be too sweet but was pleasantly surprised that it was not, as well it was very refreshing. We both started with the Insalata di spinaci - which was made with Bloomsdale farms organic spinach, oven-dried tomatoes, black mission figs, Lauren chenel goatcheese. The spinach was slightly wilted and the fresh figs added a nice texture and taste with the dressing. K. ordered the Halibut d' Alaska con patate tartufate e fagiolini, which was a Pan seared halibut, with a truffle potato puree and served with baby green beans. I ordered the Butterfish al Cartoccio with Chanterelle mushrooms, baby spring vegetables and a lemon/herb butter, this dish was cooked in parchment paper. Both dishes were very fresh. All meals are cooked with organic vegetables and they grow their herbs in the back - you definitely can tell the difference with the freshness. I did prefer the Halibut over the Butterfish, as it had a lot more flavor as well the texture was a little more firm. The Butterfish was good but I found it a little on the bland side and a bit overcooked. For dessert we ordered the Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp and the Chocolate Panna Cotta. The crisp was fantastic - cooked perfectly and still crispy! The Panna Cotta was lacking in the chocolate department and the texture was that of a jello product as well it was served with some cherries which were soaked in something particular - did not go that well with the chocolate. The espresso was fantastic! I did look at the wine list and was very pleased as there is a nice assortment of wines and red covering just about all wine regions as well they are reasonably priced. Overall, I was very happy to find a new restaurant to eat at in Noe Valley and one that is considered fine dining but also very casual, as I said, "neighborhood chic". I will definitely go back there and highly recommend that you do as well, you will not be disappointed. I give them a 4 fork rating!

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