May 6, 2007

San Francisco, CA

TOAST ~ 1748 Church Street, 415.282.4EAT

We never go out for
Breakfast/Brunch - well I should never say never, we occasionally do but then I hear about it all day, how one should not have to pay $15+ per person for a plate of eggs! Two weeks ago we discovered a new place in our neighborhood - Toast! We loved it and it was not your traditional $15+ per person for a plate of eggs. Instead it was great service and exceptional eggs. Now, before I even thought about writing about it or even really telling anyone about it we decided to give it a whirl this past weekend. Let me say they lived up to all of our expectations! WE may start eating Breakfast/Brunch more often. We arrived at peak eating time and only had to wait 10 minutes for a table outside. We even got our same waiter, Leonard, who is fantastic. Not over the top and in your face, knows just the right time to come up and ask if everything is okay (not when your face is stuffed full of food)! And the biggest bonus point for me ... instead of topping off your cold coffee with hot coffee as you watch the cold cream try to float back up to the top of your cup, he brings you a fresh cup every time - FANTASTIC! The food .... really good, fresh ingredients and the portions are perfect. I hate when you go to a place and order eggs and there is enough on just your plate to feed 5 of your closest friends and you end up stuffing yourself silly or tossing it all out. We had a veggie omelet (we both had this last time) which had a nice easement of stuff: mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, black olives, artichoke hearts, onions and cheddar. It comes with potatoes or fruit, we had fruit and it was a big bowl of fresh fruit! I opted for a slight sugar rush and had the Coco Loco, which is a full stack with sliced bananas, macadamia nuts and coconut. I expected all of these goodies to be thrown on top - NOT. Instead the nuts and the coconut were baked inside and sliced bananas scattered on the top. They were really yummy and hit the spot! I definitely give Toast 5 forks and it will become our new favorite neighborhood breakfast spot. Hurry in before everyone hears about it!

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blever said...

Okay, that post was worth the wait! I must come visit so you can take me there =)